Our first international co-production project. It was a delight working with our Scottish partners Mediaco-op on this UK/Canada co-production for BBC ALBA, with a feature-length version for theatrical release.

"The Bridge Rising" tells the story of the Skye Bridge tolls, Scotland’s first PFI scheme. In the words of the protagonists themselves, from protesters to politicians, police to prosecutor, journalist to engineer – this film unpicks the twists and turns of the10-year battle against the tolls in a stylishly-shot production.

Here are some of Skye Larke's highlights:

  • Director of photography and other crew travelled to Scotland for filming
  • Nova Scotia composer Scott Macmillan's music released globally as a soundtrack CD - amazing for a documentary
  • Finance and treaty paperwork in place inside 3 months after agreeing on co-production
  • Scott Macmillan was asked to compose music for the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony as a result of his work on The Bridge Rising
  • The process of the Commonwealth Games composition became a subject of a TV documentary itself - further raising awareness of Nova Scotia and its talent
  • Producer Stuart Cresswell received praise from Canadian industry for the impressive work done in such a short space of time

To view the trailer for "The Bridge Rising" click here